Future of Online Shopping

Online shopping is here to stay!  It’s so much easier and convenient than in-store shopping can be. But what does the future hold for online shopping?

The future of online shopping means much more targeted advertising based on your unique preferences.  Retailers willcontinuously look for new ways to engage with you and find just the right product based on what you’re searching for. Key buyers are called social influencers and their social media posts stir curiosity – and business for the retailers.

Another piece of the future is mobile. Websites that are mobile friendly will lead the way.  By 2020, it is estimated that 45% of all online sales will be done on a mobile device.  This has its own name = m-commerce.  Being able to shop online on a phone or tablet can be just the thing someone wants – they see something so they browse for more information.  Isn’t it great to be able to just click and buy while you are thinking about the item you want at the moment inspiration strikes?

Because mobile is driving the way, all online shopping is getting easier, with fewer clicks to check out and pages you have to navigate.  It’s called reducing friction.  Using built-in mobile pay devices will make this even more seamless and fast. And using sliding screens instead of pop-ups will become the new norm.

Visual content will also driving e-commerce.  People love seeing reviews by other users that show real people really using the product through pictures or videos.  It’s like staging a house – you want to be able to visualize that item in your house or on your kids.  This is known as experiential content. At www.LadiesGents.ca,www.LadiesGents.us, and www.LadiesGents.in, we offer great pictures of each product so you can see what it will actually look like when it arrives.

People also love to discover new things.  And that’s why we offer new items every single day, so you can come back every day and find something new to delight.  It’s all about choice – and that is where retail is headed.

Another trend for the future of online shopping is direct to consumer.  Anything from glasses frames to mattresses can come straight from the manufacturer to you.  Why is this important? You as the consumer get the true value of the item. 

Other coming trends in e-commerce include adding in mystery items for a great price as you are in the process of checking out, special discounts based on how much you are buying, new installment payment methods for expensive items so you can finance over time, and items with a purpose.  Some merchandise goes towards supporting various charities, while others are meant to lift up people and make them feel better like larger-sized women or teen girls studying science.  You will see this more and more – as many as 62% of people want to support companies that have a position on key issues.

Online shopping will come down to who can provide a meaningful experience for the buyer. Come check out www.LadiesGents.ca, www.LadiesGents.us, and www.LadiesGents.in, and then come back tomorrow to see what else you might find. Happy Shopping!

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