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About Us

We are absolutely delighted to welcome you to the happy family of “Ladies Gents Apparels and Accessories Shop, Inc.” in Canada!

Our general business philosophy is simply based on the following improved idea:


So, how do we do that? Well, for us to prosper, first of all, we ensure that our family of team members have fun, are surrounded by wise people, always stay happy and most important of all are treated well at work. We just don’t bring on board top talent, but we also make sure that our team of workforce is fun to work with, willing to demonstrate best work ethics and believes that a customer is always right.

As a result, our staff delivers excellent customer service, and that is how our valuable customers stay even happier hence, more happier customers!

Our satisfied and loyal customers just don’t only come back to us regularly, in fact they recommend to others as well, and furthermore they insist that their friends and family members buy from us too.

Unsatisfied customers, if any, teaches us a lot of things and once we resolve their issues with a wide smile on our faces, we ensure that it is never to be repeated. After all, we are human beings and like others, we can make mistakes too; however, we love to go above and beyond in making our valuable customers “Feel Extremely Special” and provide help and care to them at any cost!

We just don’t only offer:

• Low prices to our customer on our 10,000 plus product range.

• Our customers to shop conveniently at our online ecommerce store in Canada.

• Free shipping anywhere in Canada.

• Our customers to pay with Canada’s most popular and secure payment methods.

• To assist our local customers round the clock for a smooth shopping experience.

We also care, spread love and happiness to all and we plan to do this forever.

Happy Shopping!